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In the spirit of connecting people

What is Yeigo?

Yeigo is a free mobile VOIP application that directs voice calls via mobile operator data networks rather than over a voice network, saving users a lot of airtime.

How was Yeigo conceived?

Fresh from their studies at the University of Cape Town, Rapelang Rabana, Wilter du Toit and Lungisa Matshoda founded their very own company, Yeigo Communications, in 2005. Drawing on the idea of empowering people to make cheaper calls anywhere in the world, the Yeigo mobile application was developed and stepped on the playing field to challenge much,much larger VOIP titans like Skype.

Why is Yeigo a game-changer?

Try this on for size: Yeigo was one of the first mobile VOIP in the world. High operator costs are still a problem in South Africa (and many other parts of the world), but this is where Yeigo comes in. Yeigo lets users make calls over their data connection (GPRS, HSDPA, Edge, 3G or even Wi-Fi, if their phone supports it), circumventing the high costs of voicecalls (the average Yeigo phonecall uses a mere 100kb of data). Users are also able to save 80% on all calls and up to 90% on text messaging fees to any number worldwide. As an added bonus, users are also able to chat with their contacts on GoogleTalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and Jabber.

That Yeigo ‘Spirit’

“Yeigo” is the Navajo word for ‘with spirit’ and this is a wonderful testament to the philosophy behind Yeigo. An extremely powerful tool and game-changer, Yeigo retains its strong South African roots, but is adamant on sharing the power with the rest of the world. As the next step in its plan for world domination, Yeigo Communications recently partnered up with Swiss telecommunications company Telfree and are continuing the Yeigo magic, but under a different name.

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