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Solid Systems 

Providing solid IT support solutions

The Founders

At the start of 2003, right after they finished high school, Daniel Avinir and Michael Claxton started their own business called “Attract IT” - a two man show providing technical support services to friends, family and community. By March 2010, the two took an even bigger step and Attract IT was transformed into Solid Systems.

What Solid Systems Does

Solid Systems specialise in providing superior technical support services to small businesses. Solid System’s core focus is “Solid Maintenance Plans”, a contract based, holistic approach to IT infrastructure. This solution covers everything from proactive server & desktop maintenance to internet services.

For Solid Systems, it isn´t about the latest products - they choose to see value in stability (hence the name Solid Systems). This relentless dedication to stable IT solutions has enabled them to carve a niche in a highly competitive industry. Not only do they offer stability, but also first class service. Soon after they started, Solid Systems launched Remote Support to the average home and small business user. Previously only available to large corporate organisations, this service allows them to remotely take control of client´s computer and provide live assistance to them.

What makes Solid Systems a Success Story

Both Michael and Daniel believe that one of Solid System’s biggest successes has been their ability to meet the technical and service needs of their previously small, but now large national customers. Solid Systems have been able to grow with their clients both in profits and in capabilities, enabling them in many cases to take full ownership of their national IT requirements.

Another notable achievement for them has been their ability to align themselves with large NPO’s (non-profit organizations), which has put the company on the map and heightened their status as a company that´s out there to make a difference, in all fields.

Words of Advice

“Technology is an amazing field to be involved in,” Daniel says. “I see it as a field where there are no limitations, where anything is possible!"

His advice to all IT entrepreneurs is: “Go out and develop your business to break boundaries!”

What is next for Solid Systems?

“Our philosophy has always been quality over quantity,” says Daniel. “While many companies want to expand ten-fold, for us it is about increasing value for our customers. Doing this differently is also important for us. The industry is changing fast and we are reviewing our business model to ensure we can provide maximum value at the lowest cost.”

To visit Solid Systems’s website, click here.

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